About Us - Shihar Company Limited


Shihar Company Limited is a firm registered in Kenya, we specialize in supply of interior finishing products of a house including Kitchen products, floor products, sanitary ware, ceilings and door accessories. Our main focus is to ensure exceptional quality, sustainability and timely delivery of our products. Our goal is to provide our clients with durable interior products that meet international standards.

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Sanitary Wear

Exceptional Quality

We focus on supplying high quality products for all our major categories including flooring products, sanitary ware and kitchen products.

We ensure that our floor products are scratch resistant, stain resistant, slip resistant and that they maintain their color even after exposure to direct sunlight.

Our products are also easy to clean, they don’t retain dust or residues and this makes them hygienic and suitable for any environment.

Timely Delivery

Time is important when it comes to delivery of construction materials, at Shihar Company Limited, we ensure that our products are delivered on time, once the client places an order.

Sustainable Products

Our products are environment-friendly and we minimize the amount of waste material that remains during  installations. Less waste products ensures a clean environment and creates more space during construction and installation processes.

Competitive Pricing

We supply our interior finishing products at affordable prices for a wide variety of our clients including individuals, corporate and government institutions.